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Tuesday 2 March 2010

The Joy of Colour.

I've decided my week now goes from Wednesday to Wednesday as its the easiest way to measure the shortfall between what I told myself I'd do with a week vs what I achieved. This week I managed 1 and a bit of my promises to myself. So not a great week but one of those one's were random stuff cropped up and got in the way.

I did manage to dust the bookcase and colour code my books after the painters left. None of that genre/alphabetizing stuff for me. Your bookcase is a work of art more personal than most. All those lovely pages are encased in lovely colours. Let your eye run over them and calm the mind. I can't quite fit it all in the picture and discovered I've added about 2 shelf worths since I last did a reshuffle so due to space restrictions I had to double shelve some of them. Its hard to choose who has to live in the dark.For the eagle eyed of you the bottom shelf is hardback art and anthropology books that are too heavy for the upper shelves so the easiest solution was to have a mini light to dark row.

On a side note I finished reading Meg Rosoff's Just In Case this afternoon. I put the book down, turned on the telly and at that precise moment Judge Judy was handing down a judgement to a man named, wait for it, Justin Case. There was nearly a tea disaster. Managed to escape chuckle induced burns and a trip to A+E so all's well.


Blogger Janice said...

Ohhh very pretty :) I organise by height and type. Maybe I should try height, type and colour?

8 March 2010 at 12:19  

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