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Tuesday 9 February 2010

Yay blogs!!

You know, I never really saw myself as a blogger, but when you get to blog about writing? How could I possibly resist!!

Just finished writing a little scene that came to me about an hour ago while I was walking home from the train station. It's not so much a scene per say, but a dialogue that will become a scene once I finish my geology assignment. Some say geology rocks - I say that they've been hit by one too many pieces of schist!

Anyway, back to my scene! Very exciting scene actually, because I've been wondering how my main character and this girl (also a main character) were going to approach this topic (very dramatic and ooooh), and it all became crystal clear just now! Imagine if I had actually gone to my four o'clock lecture! The creative world would be in turmoil!

I also had a little brainwave about the living quarters of the werewolves in my book whilst on the train home (has anyone else noticed that even though the head honchos in Iarnrod Eireann are a bunch of crooks, the train is still a fantastic pondering spot?). I recommend just staring out of the window in an empty carriage (or one where most people are asleep) and seeing your characters in all these different locations. It'll open up a whole load of new possibilities for you!

All in all, it has been a very good day for writing and it's not even over yet. Now if I could only get this cat to stop clawing the bejesus out of my leg...


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